BWC’s Story…

BWC Consultancy is an inbound marketing service in Singapore that was incorporated to meet the changing needs of small business owners requiring digital marketing solutions. Website design only forms the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital marketing. There is greater emphasis on two key factors. One is having the ability to drive traffic to a site, and the other is increasing the rate of conversion based on the traffic.

Gone are the days where the reliance on paid advertising would bring back massive ROIs. With so much marketing clutter, consumers today are smart enough to block out ads and promos they have no interest in and zoom in on their search for those that are relevant to them.

BWC adopts new-school methods to help its clients navigate through heaps of online clutter. It’s all about getting slightly more personal with the people who buy from you. Engaging and interacting with customers is vital today in procuring relevant data. This allows businesses to formulate and implement more effective marketing strategies.

Meet the BWC Team…

Bryan Wee

Bryan Filter

Bryan comes from a background in direct sales and online marketing. The one thing that constantly intrigues him is the evolving traits of consumer behaviours.

More people today are heavily reliant on search engines for solutions to their problems. It is critical for businesses to establish their presence on these platforms. Firstly, they need to know how to find their market in the digital world. Secondly, they have to understand what makes their customers buy.

Darren Wee

Darren Filter

Darren comes from a background in digital graphic design. His experience in what he does brings the value needed for taking on highly demanding projects. He is also proficient with the C-panel for web administration.

You can view some of Darren’s previous works here.